What are drones used for


What are drones used for:

Historically, drones were used for military purposes only. The very word drone was associated with terror and fear. However, now the question “what are drones used for” has a very long and interesting answer. Although still drones are primarily used for entertainment and photography these flying robots are finding new applications almost every day. Still, there are a lot of unanswered questions about drones, but their popularity is increasing at a rapid pace. Australia is at the forefront of drone development and making regulations for these flying machines.  Other countries very keen to embrace this technology include US and UAE. Some of the primary applications of drones include the following:

1. Aerial imagery

Drone photography is still the primary application of drones. These drones can take some amazing pictures from an aerial vantage point and are able to replace cranes and helicopters traditionally used for this purpose. Drone videography is extremely popular. People are taking their personal drones at open spaces and are getting some amazing pictures for fun or commercial use. A filmmaker can now take aerial views without paying for helicopters and cranes. One can buy a good quality drone for this purpose in a just couple of thousand dollars. Some drones have built-in cameras. Chasing pictures taken with drones are breathtaking.  You can place your moving drone in front of a fast traveling Ghan train in the Australian desert and check it out. Drones are also in use for taking aerial photos of guests in a wedding ceremony.

Real estate businesses are using aerial drone photography to show their clients, some interesting views from the windows of various apartments or the surrounding of the location they are interested in. This gives a much better understanding of the surroundings before making a buying decision. One, however, must understand the regulations concerning the use of drones, since you can not just fly drones wherever you wish. Flying drone over densely populated areas like sports arenas is currently prohibited. Also in some countries, you can not even fly drones over public parks.

2. Industrial inspection

Another interesting application of drones is the industrial inspection of large and difficult to reach structures. The inspection of the roof of a large chemical tank was never been an easy task. Drones can go into hard to reach and/or the hazardous areas and can transmit pictures. We can deploy a drone to detect a radioactive heavy water leak in the boiler room of a nuclear power plant. This will avoid the radioactive exposure to any worker. Similarly, inspection of very narrow areas can be performed with small size or tiny drones. If the temperatures are high in our target area, then we have the option to make drones with materials which could withstand high temperatures. So there are a lot of options at our disposal to make use of the technology.

3. First aid and medical supplies

Drones can be very useful when there is a need of urgent medical supplies at an accident scene or road trauma. Various projects are already underway for this purpose. This could be an area where we should ask the authorities to put the money where the mouth is. Drones can be very effective mean of supplying the kind of first aid equipment which is very expensive and not available nearby such as a defibrillator.

4. Agriculture

Recently drones got a lot of attention for the monitoring of crop health and some other applications in the agricultural sector. Traditionally, the crop health is monitored by manned aircraft flights and satellites. You can not collect data until satellite passes from a certain area and aircraft flights are very expensive.  Another important thing is that farmer and agronomists want to have frequent inspections which make it even more expensive.  The drones, on the other hand, can gather this data very cheaply and quickly providing a new way to increase crop yield. The images obtained from drones are better than the satellite images having higher resolution and clarity. These images reveal if there are any problems such as an infected crop in certain regions or inadequate water supply etc. The farmer can do this at any stage of the crop and can take remedial actions.

5. Entertainment

At present entertainment is the second largest use of drones. Recently. there is a huge interest in drone racing and drone fights (yes this is not flight!). Drone racing and fight contensts have started everywhere. A drone killing another drone is an interesting thing to watch where one drone destroys (kills) the opponent to claim the victory. Now you can join drone leagues and clubs like any other spots.


The growth of the drone industry will depend on how fast these drones could find new, useful and practical applications. This will bring a lot of business opportunities for organizations and people embracing this technology. The main issue we are anticipating could be the lack of regulations for some countries who are not reacting fast enough for making the required rules and regulations. Once regulation, insurance, and the related operational guidelines are set, the sky is the limit for these machines.

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