Welcome to Personal Drones


Welcome to Personal Drones

Thanks for visiting our website. This website is dedicated to personal drones and related products and reviews. You will find a lot of information about drones here. This is a new emerging field and has a lot of potential. We are anticipating a huge increase in the number of drones when these machines find some new and exciting application and the regulatory authorities make some rules and standards. Currently drones are mostly used for entertainment and photography purposes. On our website you will find reviews both from our personal experience and complied from different sources. These reviews would be just for knowledge and information purpose. We shall strive to be honest and unbiased when presenting the reviews. The buying guide will tell you the main specifications of various drones and you could be able to somehow compare and select the one which best suits you. We currently don’t hold the inventory of drones and on buying from our website, you would be directed to our affiliates such as Amazon and the others. Your price will stay the same but we will get a commission. We choose sales and promotions for you and will intimate you when a bargain is available if you wish to subscribe to our mailing list. You will find the unsubscribe button in your email and would be able to unsubscribe any time if you wish to do so. So please go ahead and subscribe and once again we welcome you on personal drones. Please provide us with your valuable feedback and reviews and comments if you have used a drone. This way you will contribute to the community and help people make a informed decision.


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